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Objectspace "The Room" Sponsorship

Inzide is proud to have supplied the flooring for Ani Oneil's Installation; Promise Me / Trust Me.
Inspired by the concept from the keeper, The room as a nod to objects and the influence they have on our feelings.

The texture and colour of Syncopation, Terrain was a great fit for the warmth of the space that Ani was recreating.
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 “It is in the living room shielded by sofa cushions and huddled behind a ranked army of bric-a-brac that the individual searches for a safe haven from the shock of modern urban life. It is in the phantasmagoria of the interior that objects appear deprived of their immediate usefulness and acquire new meanings and functions, as they are cast in a system of personal associations and elective affinities. What talismans shroud our dwelling places.” 
The KeeperMassimiliano Gioni, 2016.
Curator Artist
Ane Tonga is an artist, curator and writer. She has undertaken curatorial roles across Aotearoa which includes her former post as the Lead Exhibitions Curator at Rotorua Museum Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa. She has examined notions of gender and feminism in Tongan society through a photographic investigation of nifo koula (gold teeth). The 2018 autumn edition of Art New Zealand features ‘Sissy That Walk’, a piece written by Ane on art and fashion collective The Pacific Sisters. Their exhibition Pacific Sisters: Fashion Activists was on display at Te Papa Tongawera.

Ani O’Neill is of Cook Island and Irish descent. Having graduated in 1994 with BFA (Sculpture) Elam School Of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, Ani lives and works fulltime as an artist in Rarotonga, Cook Islands and Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand. She makes objects and installations primarily utilising Pacific Islands’ craft skills that have been passed down to her from her Cook Islands grandmother. These techniques include traditional costume for celebration as well as tivaevae (quilt making), embroidery, sewing and crochet, which have been adapted from the colonial teachings of missionary wives by the women of the Cook Islands and the greater Pacific. Imbued in her art works are the rich histories and memory that is inherent in these techniques. Her work has also been experienced throughout the Pacific Islands, Australia and the USA, through objects, video, site-specific and interactive installations and workshops as well as performance/installation with the Pacific Sisters collective.

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