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Patuone Reserve 2019

It goes without saying, we live in a beautiful country.

At Inzide Commercial we like to give back and this year we chose a close to home cause.
Patuone Reserve in Takapuna, this gem of a reserve is predominately mangroves and is located at the tip of Shoal Bay in the Waitemata Harbour.

Because of its location, this area acts as the bay's filter, with endless amounts of rubbish ending up among the mangroves. At the northern end of the reserve a precious breeding ground exists for native wetland bird species, keeping this area rubbish free is essential to their breeding success.

Great things are destined for this Reserve in 2019 with the Auckland Council looking to upgrade the walkway by the end of the year to link in with the planned SeaPath / SkyPath projects, you can read more about it HERE.

With help from our wonderful customers we ended up removing 40+ bags of rubbish from the reserve including tyres, knives, a very sad looking bike and so much plastic/ building debris.

A great day was had by all and we were lucky enough to have Phillip from Forrest and Bird join us in the morning to explain the significance of the area and the species which call it home.

Thank you to our wonderful customers who joined the Inzide team on this day to make a real difference to our local environment.

If you are interested in attending a clean-up day please contact Bianca: bianca@inzide.co.nz

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