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Recycling GlasBac®RE

INZIDE Commercial in partnership with Interface sent our first container of PVC backed carpet tile to the USA on February 17th, 2009. And since then we have sent many more. Our stated strategy is to only sell carpet tile product in NZ that can be recycled again at the end of its life. True NZ based recycling - i.e. we pay to ship it out of the country. NO NZ Landfill. Interface’s stated strategy is true product stewardship with only using products that are continuously recyclable – yarn and backing. Today the 22nd June, 2015 we received our first GlasBac®RE backed product back into our warehouse for recycling. EUREKA!

To be clear, we are now recycling recycled product - Yes given the same molecules their 3rd life as a new carpet tile, True product stewardship. True keeping NZ greener. In this case the product came out of Papatoetoe library in Auckland. It came from our Proscenium collection (since discontinued). This product was made from a recycled PVC backing and bio-based yarn.
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