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Workplace Over 1,000+ m2 Interior Awards Winner!

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Another winner this year at the 2020 Interior Awards Night was the Mediaworks Radio Broadcasting HQ by AECOM in collaboration with Warren and Mahoney. What started out as an underused and nearly derelict 1970’s warehouse turned into one of the hottest spaces for Radio broadcasting in New Zealand. The building is transformed through innovative and creative uses of regular material which results in an impressive design language that carries through the entire project. All told there are many challenges that come with using an industrial site and converting it into a functional workplace interior that incorporates all the technology, requirements and high level of detail needed by the radio broadcaster. The results? A youthful, highly unique interior that provides a rich brand experience and is reflective of the business that takes place there. And with Forbo’s Tessera carpet tiles on the floor we can be confident when we say that this look is here to last.
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