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INZIDE Commercial is carboNZero certified Cert TM

In 1 July 2007 InterfaceNZ (Now INZIDE Commercial) announced that all of its Interface carpet tile was climate neutral, accounting for the greenhouse gas emissions over the entire lifecycle of the carpet - covering raw material acquisition, manufacturing, transportation, use, maintenance and disposal. The carpet itself, was (and still is) independently verified and certified by the SGS Group, to be climate neutral and already has a high level of environmental sustainability.

Now Inzide Commercial has gone one step further and achieved Landcare Research's carboNZero certification for it’s full New Zealand operation (inclusive of it’s Lonseal and Melded Fabric lines). This means they have accurately measured and managed (reduced) their organisations greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as much as possible and then offset their remaining tonnes of unavoidable GHG emissions by cancelling verified carbon credits from EBEX21 native forest regeneration and from the Tararua II windfarm project. Inzide Commercial was also required to undergo independent verification prior to certification.

Inzide Commercial Sales & Marketing Director Steve Aschebrock says the developments are consistent with Interface’s “Mission Zero” - its goal of a zero environmental footprint globally by the year 2020. This means, in part, having 100% “closed loop” recycling of all carpets or, alternatively, 100% biodegradable carpet with zero waste.
Many importers in New Zealand claim that the product they sell in NZ is ‘green’ while running their business in a non-green manner. We at INZIDE Commercial are quite different however. We take being a sustainable organization very seriously and certainly put our money where our collective mouth is. Some simple examples are
  1. Family Christmas functions normally revolve around a community based clean up activity - see our news section.
  2. All Company cars being Toyota Prius hybrid cars - first one brought across in 2005.
  3. Active greenhouse gas mitigation and tracking through the Landcare Research carboNZero programme.
  4. Triple Bottom Line reporting - Social, Environmental & Financial - first building industry company to do so.
  5. Changing distribution companies to one that tracks carbon so that we can work in a partnership on reducing them.
  6. Actively recycling PVC based carpet tile into new carpet tile; closed Loop post consumer recycling.
Please when specifying product, ask your provider what their company is doing in New Zealand, and ask if they are actively reducing New Zealand landfill.

For further information:

Steve Aschebrock
Sales & Marketing Director
INZIDE Commercial Ltd


Download INZIDE commercial's June 2011 - July 2014 carboNZero certificate - PDF 329kb 
Download interfaceNZ's / INZIDE commercial's June 2011 - July 2014 carboNZero certificate - PDF 520k  


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