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Interface Carpet Tile

Interface has set a very high bar for the Industry by publishing EPD's for every Mill in owns in the world. This is a true leadership position that they have adopted. And no competitor has yet followed them. Nothing is hidden including the use of Nuclear power in Europe - nuclear power is in the grid in Europe so drawing off the grid means nuclear power is used in the manufacture of European sourced carpet tiles. Thankfully in New Zealand we don’t source any product from Europe as a standard offering. But everything is there to see. Please read these EPD's to get a full understanding of how committed Interface is to being the best in the Industry from an Environmental viewpoint.

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Forbo Flooring Solutions

Forbo uses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), an open and transparent methodology, to measure their products’ complete environmental performance. They are committed to Green Design principles: increase efficiency, reduce the use of virgin raw materials and always search for the most environmentally appropriate solution.

They reduce, reuse, recycle and renew. For example, installation off-cuts are collected and help repurpose end-of-life waste into new products. They make their flooring in clean, efficient factories, powered by 100% renewable electricity.
Forbo Flooring Systems publishes Environmental Product Declarations for all of its individual floor covering products
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