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Technical & Installation


Carpet Tile Recycling Instructions
Interface & Inzide Re-Entry scheme 

Carpet Tile Backings
Interface Glasbac 
Interface Glasbac RE 
Interface CushionBac 
Interface CushionBacRE
Interface Graphlex

Inter-tac Adhesive
INZIDE Intertac Adhesive Data Sheet 
MSDS Inter-Tac Adhesive Interface Australia

Interface Tac Tiles Brochure 
Interface Tac Tiles Technical Specification

Interface Installation Documents
INZIDE Commercial -  Interface Carpet Tile Installation Specification 
Interface Installation Manual 2016 Edition
Carpet Tile Installation Methods 

Interface Carpet Tile Fire Reports
Asia / Pacific Ranges 

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Interface Carpet Tile Technical Specifications
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Interface Carpet Tile Installation Methods

  1. Always use either Tactiles purchased thorugh Inzide Commercial or Inter-Tac adhesive which can be purchased from Gilt Edge (09-579-7067) or Look Floors (09-525-0652)
  2. Back of the tile arrows show direction.
  3. Random tiles should have less than 2% waste.
  4. Always leave spare tiles for customer's future repairs.
  5. Always install according to AS/NZ standard 2455-1995.
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Interface Carpet Tiles 6512IC
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Forbo Vinyl Floor & Wall Surfacing 6411FV
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