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INZIDE commercial's Interface backings



GlasBac® is a fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic composite (a unique PVC blend) in a three layer structure: a sandwich of one fibreglass layer between two layers of themoplastic composite.

Key benefits of GlasBac® include:
  • Can be chemically welded to create a seamless installation when used in System Six® format.
  • Exceptional dimensional stability.
  • GlasBac® backing can be lifted and removed, rotated or replaced when spills or excessive wear occurs.
  • The ability to withstand heavy rolling loads.
Environmental Accreditation - CRI Green Label Plus 

GlasBac Specification


GlasBac®RE is Interface’s latest advancement in sustainable modular carpet backings.

Utilising new technology, vinyl backings can be completely separated from the nylon fibres of used carpet tiles. The vinyl is then able to be recycled into new backings that provide even better performance than 100% virgin vinyl backings. The nylon from the carpet fibres is redirected to other uses.

Depending on the yarn system selection, GlasBac®RE backed carpets have a total recycled content by weight from a minimum of 40% and up to excess of 50%. GlasBac®RE reduces the amount of virgin vinyl used by 49% when compared to our standard GlasBac®.

The separation process allows the recycled backing to be reclaimed over and over again, making GlasBac®RE a sustainable, high performing backing.

Environmental Accreditation - GreenTag Level A


From the back to the front line of global sustainability. Recent study analysis demonstrates CushionBacRE™ reduces our Global Warming Potential* by 13%. Being manufactured from easily available, 90% recycled raw material content (PET) ALL new CushionBacRE™ is also100% recyclable. By creating a new backing this way, we further reduce our reliance on oil and other non-renewable sources of raw materials. Ensuring zero wastage with no more landfill at the end of life, means the manufacture, usage and final recovery cycle loop is totally closed.

Key Benefits of CushionBacRe™ include:

  • Improves underfoot comfort and creates a positive firmness.
  • Absorbs shock reducing pile fracturing and flattening.
  • Controls surface deflection curve over a greater lateral area.
  • Maintains dimensional stability.
  • Consistent density of cushion.
Environmental Accreditation - GreenTag Level A

 CushionBacRe Specification