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Acoustic Luxury Vinyl Tile

Forbo Allura Flex is ideal for apartments and retail installations. Its acoustic backing when installed over a 100mm concrete substrate (FIIC of 30) gets a FIIC rating of 56, (Earcon 2020) easily surpassing the building code FIIC 50 requirement. Underlay is not required with this LVT.

Interface LVT  is uniquely designed to seamlessly integrate with Interface carpet tiles and nora® rubber. This is a has a high quality LVT with a 16db rating thanks to its Sound Choice™backing and impressive durability thanks to the Ceramor™ Ceramic Bead coating.  It is the ideal resilient solution for residential and commercial environments.

Both Forbo Allura Flex LVT and Interface LVT can be installed using an "alternative solution" to meet NZBC E3 requirements for areas of watersplash.

Forbo Allura Flex 

Interface Level Set 

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