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Product Stewardship

Interface takes your used carpet tiles and puts them to good use – by making sure they get reused by charities, local businesses and others who need support. Plus our products are designed to be fully recyclable, to make new carpet tiles for the future. Nothing goes to landfill.

It’s part of our commitment to working in a way that’s better for the planet and everyone. For over 25 years, our pursuit of sustainability has motivated our every choice. All our products are carbon neutral and, globally, we prevent millions of metres of carpet going to landfill every year.

When you choose Interface, you’re helping to build a healthier planet.


Green Star is Australasia's largest voluntary and truly holistic sustainability rating system for non-residential buildings, fitouts and communities. It is a valuable tool available to those who seek to transform the way our built environment. 


Green Star provides a rating of up to six stars based on a building's key sustainability credentials. Green Star certification is available for every commercial building type; from schools and hospitals, to office buildings, shopping centres, and industrial warehouses. It can even be used for large-scale community developments.

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At Inzide we pride ourselves on supplying best in class products from around the world to the New Zealand market.

We have been members of the NZGBC since 2006 and strongly believe in and support the efforts of the New Zealand Green Building Council.

It all comes down to better places, proven.

Because we only supply quality, Sustainable Flooring Solutions, we are able to provide the full wardrobe of 3rd party verification certificates for each product to achieve full points.


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Global Green Tag_Level A Tag only_Green_
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If you are undertaking a Greenstar project and are after any further information we are more than happy to help.

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