Spark Newmarket

Installation: Spark Newmarket

Specifier: Context

Installer: Contract Flooring Installation

Product: Human Nature and Visual Code Collections

Spark has gone through a massive transformation in the last few years. The focus is on the improvement of all customers experience through technology. Retail spaces in NZ have also transformed, expanding on the idea of being not only a place to show products but a place to experience that appeals to all the senses and offer solutions.

This was the feel that Spark wanted to provide in the new look of its stores. Along with Spaceworks, Spark were after a flooring that could enrich the experience their customers would have.

In order to achieve all requirements, Spaceworks talked to Inzide and the answer came quickly – Interface carpet tile.

Human nature brought to the project all the sensations of welcoming, while the light hues with texture provided the warmth.

The result it’s a sophisticated place that matches with the digital future concept, plus a friendly and open space where customers feel comfortable.

What a stunning project! Well done.

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