Waewae Pounamu

Installation: Waewae Pounamu

Installer: John Cooper Flooring

Product: Urban Retreat Collection

Waewae Pounamu is a retail store that provides one of the most beautiful treasures from NZ: Pounamu carvings. The greenstone is famous not only for its beauty but also for its strength. For that reason, it has been used in many ways: weapons, adornments and tools.

The retail store offers the largest range of authentic Pounamu carvings. Thus, it was important that the flooring emulated the uniqueness.

Urban Retreat Collection – Interface carpet tile – was the perfect fit for the store, bringing authenticity, texture and organic forms.

The green hues matched with the Pounamu carvings while the pastel colours creata a natural and delightful visual.

Add to that, Interface carpet tile has 15 year full performance warranty and life-time anti-microbial built into the latex layer in the carpet tile, ideal for retail environments.


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