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Creating an inviting environment requires expertise and a refined sensibility.

From first ideas to installation, we are dedicated to realising your vision.

Collaborating with our flooring concept designer, you will discover the perfect floor for your unique brand of luxury. We offer custom colorisation, any colour - it's yours.

You consider every detail and so do we.

At your service

BUT when time is of the essence and you desire a finish that stands tall above all others the New Zealand colour palette could be the answer. Boasting 4 rich greys and 4 warm beiges the New Zealand palette is refined, elegant and available in 6 - 8 weeks, from order date.

Lux Collection Base Plains LC01_CYAB7D 0
Luxury Silver Watch
Pink Velvet
A Waiter Serving a Drink
Hotel with a View
Lux Collection Base Plains LC01_CYAB7D 0

Luxury Collection

There is so much more from the Interface Luxury Collection to discover - all fully customisable with a 12+ week lead time. 

Luxury Collection Highlight Colours LC08
Lux Collection Highlight Colours LC06_D1
Lux Collection Highlight Colours LC05
Lux Collection Highlight Colours LC03_LG