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Simpson Western Lawyers reception
Simpson Western Lawyers meeting room
Simpson Western Lawyers common area
Simpson Western Lawyers kitchen
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ANZ Sylvia Park






ANZ Raranga Sylvia Park

Warren & Mahoney Architects


Human Nature, Net Effects

ANZ Sylvia Park is a new office created for regional banking staff. Completed in 2019 this five-and-a-half level workplace hinges on three key principles: Connection, Community, and flexibility.

“This building is all about the detail – that’s what really makes it. It has a nice new fitout, yes, but when you look at the level of detail in every element, that has been the thing that really has made it for me. We spent months working with Warren and Mahoney to make the design speak the ANZ values, with every aspect of the design considered and resolved. And our people’s reaction has made all the work worth it. We had staff literally in tears at what we have created for them. That put the thousands of hours we have put into the space worthwhile.”

- Matthew Clark, Head of Workplace Property NZ, ANZ.

Interface carpet tile was chosen, as it is the proven carpet tile in the market on so many levels.

As all other interior materials, the choice to use Interface Net effect and Human nature collections was very carefully considered.

The Net effect collection is unique in so many ways, the ideal choice.

Net effect is designed as a tribute to the raw, undulating power of our oceans and seas not only in its aesthetic references but also in a unique and tangible way through a project called Net-Works. Net-Works is an innovative, cross segment initiative designed to tackle the growing environmental problem of discarded fishing nets in some of the world’s poorest coastal communities. Making this range not only carbon neutral and socially conscious but also truly unique.

To learn more about Net Works click HERE

1. Sustainability – Yes – contributes to full Greenstar materials and IAQ points + is a carbon neutral product

2. Design – Global modular flooring leader - fantastic vivid colours, biophilic design

3. Performance – Full 15 year warranty including castor chairs

The pictures speak for themselves.

Brilliant building and brilliant flooring.

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