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Climate Take Back - March 2019

Inzide has proudly been a member of The Sustainable Business Network for over a decade.

Supporting their initiatives many times over the years, this year SBN are really ramping up.

With the government identifying six “priority products” in its new policy, announced by Eugenie Sage in July, the spotlight finally is on product stewardship.

While carpet and flooring is not one of the 6 priority products, Inzide has been recycling the products it supplies to the New Zealand market for over a decade, diverting 330 tonnes of carpet tile in that time back into new carpet tile through the Interface Re-Entry scheme.

Its good business and part of being a responsible citizen of this Earth that we currently need 1.8 of to survive...

In March 2019, Inzide in collaboration with Interface held two Climate Take Back Workshops, one in Auckland the other in Wellington. These workshops were designed to explore the different ways key organisations in the New Zealand Building Industry are addressing the biggest moral imperative of our time, Climate Change. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the guest speakers of these events;

  • Andrew Eagles -NZGBC

  • Jerome Partington - Jasmax

  • Aidan Mullan - Interface

  • Steve Dixon - Enviromark

  • Nelish Bakshi - Studio Pacific Architects

Watch the full length presentations below


Jerome Partington

Sustainability Manager & Associate principle - Jasmax

Executive Chair - Living Future New Zealand

Creating a habitat for life

Jerome discusses the state of the New Zealand Building Code, the benefits of the Living Building Challenge and the broader context of why we need to re-think the goal of sustainability, moving the goalpost to restorative and even regenerative design in our built environment.

Jerome has worked in architectural practice and education for twenty years, with a strong practical construction and technology emphasis. His experience includes many building reuse projects, ecological based design and solar design. He has a wealth of experience in ‘eco’ building materials and systems.


Andrew Eagles

CEO, New Zealand Green Building Council

Better outcomes for New Zealander's Andrew gives us valuable insights into the future of building "green" in New Zealand. He discusses how the New Zealand Building code is changing and the certifications programmes; Homestar, Greenstar, Greenstar Performance and NABERSNZ which now exist to provide guidance on what "good" looks like in the built environment. Andrew joined the New Zealand Green Building Council in September 2016 as Chief Executive. The NZGBC is the country’s leading not-for-profit for the sustainable built environment. As well as exemplary research, the NZGBC oversees Homestar and Green Star the award winning certifications for New Zealand homes and buildings, and NABERSNZ, the tool for confirming performance of offices in use.


Aidan Mullan

Engineering and Sustainability Manager, Interface - Australia

We care about Carbon - do you? Aidan explains the journey that Interface, a global flooring supplier has undertaken over the two decades towards "Mission Zero", a goal that in 2019 they have finally achieved, so what comes next? Aidan explores the plan to achieve the next audacious goal that Interface has set, "Climate Take Back". Interface created the modular flooring category disrupting flooring markets around the world with the introduction of carpet tiles. Through their passion and commitment to eliminating any negative environmental impact, Interface has become one of the world’s most sustainable companies. They acknowledge that while they are making incredible leaps forward, they are a drop in the carbon emissions bucket and so they are asking industry to join them as they commit to a new business model, one that is restorative to the planet and creates a climate fit for life.

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