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Industry Leaders in Sustainability

We are thrilled to announce that global flooring manufacturer, Interface has been recognised in Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential Companies for 2023" under the pioneers category, and it's truly well-deserved.

For over two decades, Interface has been on an inspiring journey of continuous improvement. They have set the bar high in the flooring industry by leading in technical innovation, groundbreaking design, and unwavering commitment to sustainability. Their achievements are a testament to decades of dedication to providing the best flooring solutions while minimising their environmental impact, all for the betterment of our world.

Interface is synonymous with high-quality, sustainable, and purposeful flooring solutions, and at Inzide, we take immense pride in being the exclusive supplier of Interface products here in New Zealand.

As we all know, reducing carbon emissions is a global imperative, especially in the built environment. Interface has taken a pioneering step by becoming a fully carbon-neutral enterprise, including its supply chains. This achievement, a first in the industry, highlights Interface's dedication to creating a more sustainable future.

Interface's CEO Laurel Hurd rightly points out, "Many companies have made commitments to carbon reduction, and a good portion of that comes in the built environment." Interface's commitment to carbon neutrality sets an example for the industry and underscores their role as a sustainability leader.

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