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Jacinda Ardern Calls For Climate Emergency - December 2020

This Wednesday parliament officially declared a climate emergency in New Zealand. Jacinda followed this with “Globally, we have entered an age of action (and this) will be one of the greatest challenges of our time”. Jacinda declared that due to this climate emergency the New Zealand government will be carbon neutral by 2025 and that the government sector would convert its car fleet over to electric vehicles. Jacinda closed the emergency by calling on MPs to get on the right side of history. We here at Inzide have BEEN on the right side of history for almost 25 years now. Everything we do seeks to minimise our impact on New Zealand’s environment. From the brands we supply to the New Zealand market, exporting end of life carpet tile offshore to be recycled (3rd party verified by the Ministry for the Environment), to being part of Toitū Envirocare Carbonzero program for over 14 years where we have demonstrated massive mitigation efforts.

Even the Prius' we converted our car fleet over to have saved over 150,000 liters of petrol being burnt. We are committed to sustainable business practices in the New Zealand flooring market as not just a need for future generations but as a fundamental necessity to doing business in the 21st century.

So when you specify flooring - do you specify with the climate in mind, rewarding leaders who make the changes and walk their talk? Or are you happy working with those flooring suppliers that have no substance behind their talk?

If you want to make a difference, specify Inzide.

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