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Motuihe Island Clean Up 2023

On March 14th, our team at Inzide Commercial shut its door for a day to give back to the environment. Joined by a group of like-minded clients, we embarked on a journey to Motuihe Island to lend a hand in conservation efforts.

Despite the challenges posed by Cyclone Gabrielle, the group consisted of Inzider's and clients, accompanied by 6 Motuihe Trust volunteers, arrived at the island, ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The day’s activities included planting, weeding, and cleaning up the beach, with a focus on removing the noxious moth weed, one of New Zealand's most invasive plant species.

The group’s efforts helped maintain seedlings of native plants and prepare them as the seasons change. The removal of moth weed was especially important, as it poses a threat to both biodiversity, human health and smothers small native plants and seedlings.

Motuihe Island is home to many iconic native species, including Giant Weta, Tuatara, Spotted Kiwi, and Saddle Backs. The group’s efforts helped to preserve the island’s unique ecosystem.

After a delicious lunch on the boat, the group returned to the beach for an afternoon clean up. Though not much rubbish was found along the ocean beach, a significant number of plastic debris was discovered on the city-facing side of the island, highlighting the ongoing problem of ocean pollution.

In the end, the day was a resounding success, with our team at Inzide and our clients making a tangible contribution to conservation efforts. We plan to continue our efforts and give back to the environment. We are extremely grateful to the Motuihe volunteers for their guidance and support. By working together, we can all help keep New Zealand beautiful.

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