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Sponsor of the Interior Awards 2024

This year marks Inzide’s 13th year of partnership with the Interior Awards, having come on board at the outset as a founding sponsor. We spoke to Managing Director Steve Aschebrock about Inzide’s continued work to reduce carbon emissions and why Inzide looks forward to and supports the Interior Awards, year after year.

Tell us about any recent innovations in your business that you would like interior designers and architects to know about.

Steve Aschebrock (SA): For Inzide, it’s all about carbon and reducing our footprint. As a carboNZero-certified organisation for 17 years, we have always been at the forefront of running a smart and future-proofed business.

We’re now working hard on bringing low carbon product to market. Marmoleum has always been the trailblazer being a negative-carbon product. Now we’re making our Interface negative carbon backed carpet tile (CQuest Bio) front and centre, with increasing stock of this range of product.

What do you most enjoy about being involved with the Interior Awards?

SA:  We love celebrating New Zealand spatial design and showcasing New Zealand design to the world. Hence our sponsorship of the Interior Awards since its inception.

What are you looking forward to this year? 

SA: Reconnecting with the many finalists who we work with on a daily basis, reconnecting with the brilliant AGM team and sitting back and recharging as an Inzide team on a night to celebrate, remember and enjoy. It’s the best spatial interior awards night in Aotearoa, and we just love being part of it.

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