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Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport

ARA Library - Christchurch

Installation: ARA Library Christchurch.

Installer: NextDore LTD

Product: Aerial Flying colours – various colours of the plank ranges

ARA Institute of Canterbury Ltd, is a vibrant, progressive, government-funded institute providing world-class education. ARA is the Maori word for path or journey. It represents the learning process, the many pathways to success, and the routes and rivers that criss-cross the Canterbury plains. A fitting name for the newly refurbished ARA Christchurch Library.

When NextDore approached Inzide looking for a floor that would speak the ARA brand, we certainly had a challenge on our hands. To provide flooring that lives up to the name of ARA is no easy task but we think we found the solution… Our Aerial Flying Colours collection.

With our complete Aerial range (with colour customisation if required) the sky is literally the limit. Strong balanced foundation tiles establish a sturdy theme, pure colour tiles connect to ‘colour-full’ tiles; colourful tiles connect to transition tiles; and transition tiles connect back to the strong neutral foundation tiles that skyrocket. Of course it wouldn’t be an Interface product if it wasn’t constructed from 100% recycled content nylon and recyclable from NZ – a key requirement from ARA.

In the ARA library this range makes the floor ‘pop’ with energy. The multiple colour overlaps from the Aerial collection create a tapestry of liveliness across the floor. While the On Line colours in the collection intersect this swirl of energy with simple geometric patterns of soft colour that zigzag across the floor. The multitude of ranges and colours create a space of vivid energy and inspiration for the students who use it every-day.

Add in the 20 year education warranty and job done!!

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