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Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport

Dunedin Airport

Installation: Dunedin Airport

Contractor: TAK Flooring Ltd

Architect: CCM Architects

Product: Norament 926 Grano Collection

With Dunedin's growing population, CCM Architects faced the challenge of finding a flooring solution that could endure extremely heavy foot traffic and rolling luggage while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic. Nora’s norament 926 Grano rubber emerged as the perfect choice, thanks to its timeless design, remarkable durability, and visual charm.

It was important to the architects to embed the airport within the context of Dunedin by incorporating local elements into the design. The structure draws influence from the Royal Albatross which is the only albatross to have a mainland breeding colony bringing tourists to Dunedin from all around the world. Local shist features prominently in the central circulation spine of the building. Supporting this concept, the rubber flooring’s colour palette - featuring a harmonious mix of browns, creams and dark blues - was meticulously chosen to reflect Dunedin's natural surroundings—representing the sea, hills, and harbour.

The blend of colours serves a dual purpose: concealing wear and tear while transforming the space into a visual ode to Dunedin's natural beauty. The result is a flooring solution that seamlessly combines durability with aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall traveller experience.

norament 926 Grano is engineered for resilience in extremely high-traffic areas, ensuring it withstands the rigorous demands of a bustling airport. This flooring solution offers unparalleled durability, making it an ideal choice for environments subjected to continuous use. The dense, Vulcanised rubber has a closed surface which is highly resistant to scuffs from suitcase wheels and travel bags, with any tough marks easily removed with routine maintenance.

Features of nora’s norament 926 collection:

• Heavy usage class

• Very high footfall sound absorption (12 dB)

• Free of PVC, other halogenated polymers and phthalate plasticizers

• Increased safety thanks to high fire-retardant properties

norament 926 Grano seamlessly combines durability with style, making it the perfect flooring solution for high-traffic environments like airports.

Congratulations to CCM Architects on achieving this remarkable result and creating a space that ensures a welcoming and pleasant environment for travellers.

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