Te Arawa Museum

Installation: Te Arawa Museum

Specifier: Story Inc

Product: Syncopation & Bioscapes

Nga Pumanawa o Te Arawa – The beating hearts of Te Arawa  - an amazing place showcasing the Arawa Iwi, the original inhabitants of Rotorua. As you walk through this exhibition with Rotorua Museum in the scenic Government gardens you will be treated to a visual symphony showcasing beautiful taonga that connects Te Arawa to their ancestors and guides them into their future.

When Dean from Story Inc. was undertaking this incredible project he immediately thought of Interface carpet tile from Inzide Commercial. He needed strong design, 15 year guaranteed carpet tile performance and a company that stood behind its product and ensured its service delivery was always beyond reproach. You see Dean likes to run to tight time frames and put his partner suppliers under the gun for delivery on time and on budget. We have worked with Dean for many years on many awesome projects and we knew that the result would be stunning and the delivery interesting. Dean also knows that given the tourist significance of many of his works, the flooring gets an absolute pounding and must be up to the task. So Interface carpet tile is the only flooring product that he uses given his exacting specifications.

Look at these photos – what an amazing collection of spaces. Unfortunately many Taonga in the galleries cannot be photographed – hence the photos do show more the flooring than the whole space.  However the iconic Te Rangitakororo from Te Koutu Pa gallery with the Maori motifs on the floor is just spectacular. Made by water cutting carpet tile into the shapes you see.

Thank you to Rotorua Museum (and special thanks to Manaaki) for the use of these photos.

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