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Sphera Energetic

51212 Vivid Elephant

The Sphera Energetic range brings new dynamics to homogeneous vinyl flooring. With its vibrant visuals, it answers the diverse needs found in modern spaces. This second generation of Sphera Energetic is based on the latest requirements in building design, effective learning and user productivity. Sphera Energetic offers a playful combination of a coordinated colour palette and designs with different intensities and scales, making it fit for purpose for any function or intensity of use.


Product Type: Homogeneous Vinyl

Total Thickness: 2 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)

Dimensions: 2 m x 27m 

Area of use: Commerical Heavy Duty Rated/Dry and Wet Level Areas 

CRF: 9.2 kW/m²

LRV: 29%

SRV: 42

Warranty: 15 Year Standard Product Warranty 

Alternative Colours