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The building code 'G6' clause aims to protect households from excessive noise through two separate performance requirements; A Sound transmission class (STC) of 55 and a Impact Insulation Class (IIC) of 55 or a FIIC rating of 50.  The FIIC is the same test but undertaken in a field situation (ie the apartment).

The simplest option to meet the building code is to specify Interface carpet tile, our full carpet tile range typically has enough acoustic resistance to pass both the STC and FIIC test on its own. 


For total peace of mind we recommend on using the cushionBacRE backing in conjunction with our carpet tile range as this is explicitly stated as a pass. No specification for the weight of the carpet tile or underlay is given. However, as a general rule the more fluff on top the better the STC rating and the thicker the backing, the better the FIIC rating. 

The general rules discussed in this document and the dLw test results that are available from Inzide are an indication only. A Field test with the subfloor and ceiling assembly still needs to be performed to ensure that the FIIC value of 55 is met or surpassed.


(The table below refers to FIIC results from the Earcon testing that was done on a 7 storey apartment building with 100mm concrete substrate that achieved a FIIC of 30.) 

*All interface and Forbo products were tested within a controlled environment. Different sized spaces utilizing different building materials may observe varied results. 

All Interface and Forbo product Acoustic reports are available on request. Call us on 0800 800 656 or send us an email

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