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Chemical Resistance

Forbo products are made to have the highest chemical resistant characteristics of any flooring. PU Matte finishes, top shields, pure PVC wear layers and manufacturer heat treatments all come to play to ensure the Forbo flooring resilient floor is as resistant to chemicals as it can be.


Any as in any chemical situation, the faster it is cleaned up the less time it can work at the resilient floor. Add in a regular cleaning & polishing regime (never strip a Forbo resilient floor) and your floor will last and look great for its full 15 years. EN-ISO 26987 is the international standard for testing a products chemical resistance, as you can see our full range of resistant vinyl's achieves 'Very Good' chemical resistance across the board, which is best in class.

*For a specific chemical that you require your flooring to be able to cope with please call Inzide to speak to a flooring consultant to get the correct flooring solution for your project. 

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