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Slip Resistance

The NZ Building code requires that wet areas & access routes have slip resistant flooring. A slip resistant flooring is defined as having a surface that gets a  Co-efficient of Friction (CoF) reading greater than 0.4 or a Slip resistant value (SRV) of 39 or greater. And if there is a slope then the flooring must have grit or profiled studs.

However International standards talk to Ramp tests (R values) and as a general rule a R10 will have a SRV greater than 39. But not always. The other key point is the need for the flooring to maintain that SRV value over the life it is installed. We call this sustainable slip. All Forbo resilient products are rated based on sustainable slip over the full 15 year warranty period. That is why Forbo safety vinyl's have carborundum crystals engrained in the product (a bit like sandpaper) versus “grooves” in the vinyl that wear out much more quickly, making them suitable for use in wet and ramped areas.

Laguna Barefoot represents our specialist bathroom flooring solution, strong enough to provide exceptional slip resistance in wet areas while not being too tough and damaging on bare feet. 

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