Carbon Neutrality

Inzide Carbon Neutrality - The Story 

When you specify flooring from Inzide, you are contributing to a better more sustainable future. Through the Toitu CarbonZero program we monitor, record and offset any and all carbon that is produced from gate-to-customer.

Gate-to-customer refers to a products journey from manufacture and exporting all the way until it reaches the customers hands. That means when you order products through Inzide, you can be assured that not only will it be a world-class flooring solution but that the net carbon value of its transportation will be zero.

This is the culmination of decades of work. We were astonished to witness Interfaces 25-year, Mission Zero goal achieved a whole year earlier than expected in 2019 with all Interface products now 3rd part verified, carbon neutral for the entire product life-cycle through teh Carbon Neutral Floors program.

Inzide meanwhile as a business have been carbon neutral for 14 years, this is incredible accomplishment especially when you consider the only recent global shift towards more sustainable practices and product solutions.

Some of our competitors are now carbon tracking through Toitu which is to be applauded as it's a start - but tracking is not helping our environment and we need carbon reduction now... 


"Certification from Toitu Envirocare is proof you are taking action on climate change. Accurately measure and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of your business, product or service"

- Toitu, Envirocare.

Inzide is part of Toitu's prestigious CarbonZero certification program which means that not only do we accurately get our carbon measured and recorded by Toitu but we also offset all of it through verified carbon credits to achieve a net zero balance.

Plus we continuously improve our carbon intensity so that we put in action real carbon saving initiatives like using rail vs roads, bringing in containers directly to the port of projects even though the container is half full etc.

This program actually meets and exceeds international standards for best practice and puts us ahead of all of our competitors as the only one to be Toitu, CarbonZero certified in the New Zealand marketplace.


If you would like to find out more about Toitu and their certification programs then CLICK HERE.

Carbon credit 2020 project summary

Here is the latest Toitu investment summary for the Inzide carbon credits generated in 2020. We are so excited to be supporting the Baragran Hydro project in India. 

Baragran Hydro Project

Carbon Credit Preferences

Interface Carbon Neutral Floors - The Story 

Embodied carbon is the carbon footprint of a material – the sum of all the carbon resulting from the mining, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, transportation and installation of building materials. It can be measured from "cradle to gate" or "cradle to site." Reducing embodied carbon is the most critical component of the carbon life cycle at Interface, as it’s the part that they can control as they construct their flooring products.

Since 1996, they have reduced the embodied carbon footprint of their carpet tile product by 74% by changing how they design and make products through the use of recycled materials, dematerialisation and improved manufacturing efficiencies. Then, through their our Carbon Neutral Floors programme, compensating for what they still can't avoid with carbon offsets from renewable energy, fuel switching and reforestation projects.

Since 2003, Interface have sold more than 379 million square meters of carbon neutral flooring globally, and we have retired approximately 5.3 million metric tons of verified emission reduction credits – all while reducing the carbon footprint of their products.

All Interface products sold in New Zeland are carbon neutral and have a 3rd party verified certificate to prove it.


Interface Carbon Negative Carpet Tiles
- The Story 

In 2018 announced carbon neutrality for all products was a huge accomplishment in their journey to a more sustainable business model. Since then they have been looking to take that goal and shoot for the moon.

The Embodied Beauty Collection by Interface is their first collection to include 3 carpet tile styles which are carbon negative; Shishu Stitch, Tokyo Texture and Zen Stitch - cradle to gate. Proving  that the pursuits of beautiful design and sustainability are inseparable.

They have achieved this next step by using special nylon yarns, lower weight pile and a revolutionary new bio-based backing;

CQuestBio and CQuestBioX.

Forbo Marmoleum - The Story 

Made by nature CO2.jpg

Marmoleum is a CO2 neutral Resilient flooring product that is comprised of 97% natural ingreedients which has zero effect on the world climate. It combines ecological values with contemporary design and offers an important contribution to a sustainable world. To be able to produce a resilient CO2 neutral floor covering that not only lasts for over 30 years but is also bio-degradable at its end of life, is truly unique.

Marmoleum is made from a combination of natural ingredients making it more healthy, safe and sustainable than more traditional forms of Linoleum.

Linseed Oil, Wood flour, Pine tree resin, Limestone, pigment and jute make up 97% of the products composition. This combination of natural ingredients strengthens the flooring over time, adds beautiful naturalistic colours, textures and smells, while the Linseed Oil acts as a anti-bacterial making it an appropriate flooring option for hospitals and healthcare. 

Marmoleum is produced with 100% clean energy. Forbo's manufacturing facilities, both the Assendelft and Kirkcaldy linoleum plants are run through green energy such as solar and wind. No added C02 throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Marmoleum is Internationally credited as a carbon neutral product. The trees, plants and Jute crops used to create marmoleum have absorbed an amount of C02 during their life that exceeds the amount of C02 emitted during their production process.