Goals and Reports

Sustainable Flooring Solutions - delivered the Inzide way. 

  • Only distribute best-in-class flooring products. 

  • Continuously reduce greenhouse gases within our distribution network. 

  • Be responsive and transparent to our customers needs, Environmental, Social and Commercial.

  • Encourage the Industry to do better and be better, by supporting key change makers and programs.  

Lake at Dusk

We are proud of our environmental stance and believe that carbon accounting is the cost of doing good-business in the twenty-first century. We also follow a rule of transparency showing our environmental metrics on our website.

It keeps us honest and accountable for the actions we take while providing a leadership position to the flooring industry.

Change can come from anywhere and a 'Ripple can turn into a wave of change'.

We know that we supply the best flooring solutions in the New Zealand marketplace. We know that we do this while remaining uncompromised in our purpose. Because there is nothing like competition to turn that ripple into a wave.

At Inzide we measure, manage, reduce and mitigate our carbon footprint. Toitu through their CarbonZero program, holds us responsible for the carbon created in our management plan.

Their yearly audit always provides a temperature check on the state of our carbon reduction health. It’s not always easy doing right but we know that treating the environment as a “free good” is wrong.


So the next time you are looking to purchase flooring from your regular supplier, check and make sure that they are 3rd party verified and making positive change. We don't just count it, we invest, continuously reduce and offset.

1) The amount of cubic meters sold by salespeople divided by how much fuel salespeople consumed in total across the fleet that year. 

2) % Random Carpet tile sold - Random patterned carpet tile has 1% installation wastage compared with the 3-5% for standard carpet tile. In            addition it provides for a longer life-time use and much easier carpet tile management

3) % Tac-Tile - Tac-tile has 90% less environmental impact than standard pressure releasable adhesive

4) Airfreight % - airfreight is extremely carbon intensive, we go out of our way to avoid it as much as possible.

5) Rail & Coastal shipping % - truck freight produces more carbon than rail and coastal shipping.

6) Carbon intensity - the lower this number the less carbon has been used in transporting our product into and around New Zealand. Taking on Forbo which imports from Europe in 2016  had a significant effect on our numbers.

7.) The amount of carbon generated by Inzide per m2 to facilitate the supply process*

8.) Total recycled/re-used since inception of the ReEntry Program in NZ.

*NOTE:  Emission factors were updated by Toitu for improvements in data quality for 2021.  This has had a significant impact on our 2021 carbon intensity tonnes.  Our carbon tonnes increased 108 compared to 2020, although our largest emission activities were decreased in 2021.  If we used the same emission factors as were applied in 2020 our carbon tonnes would only have been 436 tonnes - better than 2020. 

We have been adversely affected by these revised factors but are committed to supporting Toitu and being part of the CarbonZero programme.