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Design Services

We offer full design services for Interface, nora and Forbo products.

With an extensive range of collections available it's not always easy to invision how best to use them.

From basic floor plans and renders of standard products right through to the more complex custom work of printed Forbo vinyl's and customised yarn selections for Interface carpet tile we can take you through the process to achieve your vision.  

Maryam Rezazadeh

Flooring Concept Designer

Meet Maryam, Maryam is our in-house Flooring Concept Designer with a keen eye for detail and a wealth of knowledge of all Interface, nora and Forbo collections.


With thousands of options out there, knowing the intricacies of each collection right down to the yarn type, thickness, transition type and installation orientation can be the make or break of great flooring design.

Maryam is available to work on projects that require a high level of design detail.

Creating floor plans and renders to help you visualise the end result before committing  to a collection/ colour or layout.

Avanti Finance - customised flooring

When Architect, David Muir from Muir Design Solutions is involved you know the flooring design will be exceptional and Avanti was possibly the biggest and best yet.

When the customer, who was a designer in her own right and who had worked with David in the past came in to our Auckland studio to explore the extensive Interface collections it became apparent very quickly that the colour pallet would be bold and luxurious.


Having started with maroon, navy and teal the design developed from custom coloured Urban Retreat in the meeting room spaces and carried on into the larger floor plate with a collection that at the time had just landed into our showroom, Interface's Global Collection, Visual Code.

Visual Code is a carpet collection that has symbiotic relationship of hi-tech and hi-touch, marrying images of glitch graphics and technicolor circuitry with simple textures that recall plain woven fabrics and rugs. Technology may be sleek and enticing, but it can be a distraction from the world around us. By re-engaging with hand-crafted materials and goods, we humanize our experience, slow it down and restore imagination and wonder. 

Hard Drive brings the vivid - glitch like pattern including the custom inclusion of navy, maroon and teal used in the meeting room spaces into the larger floorplate. Static including the maroon, navy and teal sublty transitions the bold pattern of HD into the stichery/ stitchcount and stitched planks installed in a woven pattern which bring in the depth of texture that we have never seen used in such a way before - the way the light hits the varying pile heights is incredible.


Avanti Finance, Auckland


Custom carpet tiles used

010048-009-AUS Avanti Finance Office 50C
010048-007-AUS Avanti Finance Office 50C
010669-004-THA Avanti 25Cmx1M TILE 7.jpg
010669-002-THA Avanti 25Cmx1M TILE 6.jpg

Urban Retreat 103 - Custom

Maroon + Navy

Teal + Navy

Visual Code

Hard Drive - Granite

Custom colours

Visual Code

Static - Granite

Custom colours

Visual Code

Stitch Count - Charcoal

Visual Code

Stitch Count -


Visual Code

Stitchery - Charcoal

Visual Code

Stitchery - Black

Marmoleum Sheet

marmoleum marbled sheet vivace

Marmoleum Marbled - Sheet


3432 Painters Palette

Marmoleum Marbled sheet vivace

Marmoleum Marbled - Sheet


3421 Oyster Mountain

Avanti Finance textured flooring
Avanti finance entrance
avanti finance copy room
Avanti Finance meeting space
Avanti finance marble & carpet tile
Avanti Finance flooring transition
Avanti Finance customised flooring
Avanti Finance hallway
Avanti Finance floor
Avanti Finance meeting pod
Avanti Finance flooring
Avanti Finance finished office space
Avanti Finance flooring colours
Avanti Finance complete office
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