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AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building meeting area
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building

Pinehurst School

Installation: Pinehurst School

Architects: Fat Parrot Architecture

Supplier: Comfloor Ltd

Products: Interface Portmanteau Collection, Forbo Sphera Energetic Collection, Interface Composure Colours Collection, Interface Asana Collection

Photography: Mark Scowen

In the world of exceptional flooring, Pinehurst School's Theatre building stands out as a remarkable showcase of the fusion between sophistication and functionality. Nestled within the school's campus, this architectural marvel serves as an enduring centrepiece, elevating the institution's identity, and enriching the educational experience for students and staff.

With its soaring rooflines and angular lines, the building extends a captivating invitation as you step into the main foyer. The focal point, however, resides within the audacious auditorium, redefining traditional boundaries. Its innovative design seamlessly connects the lobby and courtyard, offering a dynamic space that can expand and adapt before, during, and after events, cultivating a versatile and engaging ambience.

Pinehurst School's dedication to fostering connectivity and functional spaces throughout its premises is truly commendable. The integration of an ongoing "street" concept adjacent to classrooms fosters a seamless learning ecosystem. This architectural philosophy aligns seamlessly with Interface’s Portmanteau Collection, a cornerstone of the theatre's interior. The Portmanteau Collection, characterised by a captivating geometric motif in deep copper and dark grey tones, significantly contributes to the overall aesthetics and atmosphere. The deep copper hue gracefully extends its embrace to the theatre seats, forming a diagonal pattern that resonates harmoniously with the surrounding architectural elements and the very essence of soundwaves. This design element unifies the space, creating a narrative that flows effortlessly. The Portmanteau Collection from Interface proved to be the perfect match, effortlessly blending with the building's angular interior and exterior architectural lines. The luxurious texture of the carpet tiles, coupled with their commercial-grade durability and larger format, complemented the grandeur of the auditorium. The geometric pattern of the collection synchronised perfectly with the design intent, while its adaptability in terms of pattern scale and tile colour proved to be truly exceptional.

The overarching concept of rhythm and pulse subtly guides the design, weaving through the auditorium space via the floors, seating, ceiling, and illumination. Notably, this rhythm extends to the auditorium's backlit acoustic timber wall treatments, culminating in a holistic design narrative. The bathrooms and front-of-house servery areas echo this theme with the use of Sphera Essence Homogeneous Vinyl by Forbo. Naturally, no design journey is without challenges. The Pinehurst School project, however, witnessed the seamless integration of various bespoke systems and solutions. While the meticulous coordination of acoustic wall construction and non-standard automated doors demanded careful attention, the process of selecting the flooring emerged as a seamless endeavour. As architects who meticulously crafted a truly exceptional space, the design team at Fat Parrot Architecture thoughtfully deliberated each detail, including the flooring selections. The feedback from the end-users is succinct yet heartwarming: "they love it". The Pinehurst School's Theatre stands as an extraordinary accomplishment, a testament to the synergy between visionary architectural minds and innovative flooring solutions.

Forbo Sphera Vinyl Collection Offers:

- 15-Year Standard Product Warranty

- Superior scratch-resistant technology

Interface Carpet Tile Collections offer:

- 15-year full-performance warranty

- Life-time anti-microbial

- Closed-loop recyclability at end-of-life.

- Full customisation and design support

Congratulations go to the team at Fat Parrot Architecture for delivering a transformative result that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality in a way that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

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