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Moisture in flooring will adversely affect flooring materials and the adhesion of floor coverings. New Zealand and Australian building standard [ANZS3661.2] require the moisture content of a subfloor to not exceed 75% to be considered sufficiently dry for the installation of floor coverings. Similarly concrete subfloors shall be considered suitable for the installation of resilient floor coverings when the measured pH level does not exceed 10. (or as specified by the particular Forbo or Interface adhesive utilised).

New adhesives on the market allow higher moisture content and PH levels in the subfloor, but always talk to an Inzide flooring consultant prior to installing outside of the New Zealand standard.

Sarlibase T.E

A specialist solution for perpetually wet substrates

Sarlibase T.E

Inzide's recommendation for a quick vinyl covering appropriate for concrete floors that suffer ongoing moisture issues is Sarlibase TE. Sarlibase TE is a loose lay sheet product that is laid over the concrete substrate in 2m widths. No Adhesive used. The tiny channels in the back of the Sarlibase allow the moisture to find its way to the edge of the sheets where it evaporates away – Any heterogeneous vinyl is adhered over the Sarlibase TE and allows the room to be in action straight away.

Sarlibase TE diagram.PNG

Inzide recommends that when installing flooring in high moisture areas that Intertac Plus Adhesive is used for its high moisture resistance. It will retain its adhesive capabilities in areas with substrate moisture content up to 90% RH.

InterTac Plus is a water based pressure sensitive adhesive especially manufactured for the installation of Interface products. It has excellent coverage, adhesion and release capabilities and is suited to application by roller.

InterTac Plus is also formulated with Intersept® bicocide which works as a mould inhibitor. The Interface product warranty can be void if an adhesive system other than InterTac™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive or TacTiles™ are used. This is especially relevant if the requirements specific to your region and the Interface Installation Manual recommendation in regard to substrate moisture and pH content are not closely followed. 

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