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Puke Ariki Museum

Installation: Puke Ariki Museum

Specifier: Boon Architects

Contractor: Harvey flooring

Product/s: Forbo Eternal Vinyl – Custom Print

Puke Ariki, steeped in history as the former seat of colonial government in Taranaki, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Among the numerous improvements and renovations carried out at this iconic location, the redesign of the museum's Exploratorium, particularly the flooring, stands out as a captivating achievement. Boon Architects, in close collaboration with Puke Ariki Museum, embarked on a journey to create an awe-inspiring kid's area, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. When tasked with designing an enchanting kid's area, Boon Architects knew they needed something extraordinary to capture the imagination of young visitors. To achieve this, they set out to create a custom flooring piece that would serve as the centrepiece of the Exploratorium. The objective was clear: to provide an immersive experience that would transport children into a world of wonder and adventure.

Boon Architects' vision was to transport kids to the seaside, where they could let their imaginations run wild. To bring this vision to life, a digital custom print was designed, showcasing the tranquil sea with frothy waves. This print was intended to form the foundation for various play areas within the kid's section, including a boat, raft area, and deck with floaties, all strategically positioned on top of this mesmerising digital seascape. The digital print that emerged from Boon Architects' design process exceeded all expectations. Its vivid portrayal of the sea, complete with foamy waves and prop wash was not only visually stunning but also incredibly realistic. The attention to detail in the print made it the perfect centrepiece for the kid's area, creating a sense of being right at the water's edge.

Boon Architects carefully selected flooring products that complemented the overall theme and enhanced the experience for young visitors. Two notable choices were Interface's Human Nature Collection and Forbo's Eternal Wood. Interface's Human Nature Collection carpet tiles, known for its nature-inspired design, was chosen to surround the digital seascape. This choice added an element of authenticity to the kid's area, making it feel like a genuine seaside environment. The flooring not only looks the part but also contributes to the overall sensory experience, making children feel more connected to nature.

Forbo's Eternal Wood was another key selection by Boon Architects, used to frame the digital print and create a transition from the sea to the surrounding area. This choice not only adds durability to high-traffic areas but also brings a touch of elegance, making the kid's area a space where both children and adults can appreciate the aesthetics. The successful transformation of Puke Ariki's Exploratorium, with a particular focus on flooring, is a testament to the creativity and dedication of Boon Architects. The custom digital print combined with flooring products, has turned the kid's area into a captivating, immersive experience for young visitors.

Congratulations are to Boon Architects, whose innovative design choices have revitalised this historical location and provided a space where children can explore, learn, and dream while surrounded by the wonders of the seaside. The result is a beautifully balanced fusion of art, architecture, and flooring that deserves recognition.

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