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Statistics New Zealand






Statistics New Zealand - 8 Willis Street


Hills Commercial Ltd.

Aerial Flying Colours - Various Custom Colours

Installed using a glueless system called TacTiles, this 12,000+m2 floorplate is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

The floor is finished with Interface carpet planks which have a bio-based, closed-loop recyclable and carbon neutral backing called CQuestBio and topped with high recycled-content solution-dyed nylon yarn. These commercial grade, custom-coloured carpet planks are designed look fantastic, have a neutral carbon and waste impact on our world and stand up to commercial use.

Instead of the flooring industry's average of approximately Net +6.1 kg/m2 carbon footprint for carpet tile, the new CQuestBio backed carpet tiles achieve a  ≤2kg/m2 carbon footprint. With this significant mitigation, the remaining unavoidable carbon cost is offset through the 3rd party certified, Carbon Neutral Floors Program to achieve a Carbon Neutral Floor for the lifetime of the product. That is some 15+ years on the floor. It can then be uplifted and turned back into 'new' Interface flooring, closing the loop on waste too.

For the 12,000m2 of carpet planks installed in Statistics New Zealand, the avoided carbon emissions by choosing Interface carbon neutral flooring is approximately 73,200kg. 

Statistics New Zealand is the first project in New Zealand and the largest in APAC to-date to make use of this new flooring technology. Interface in Europe have now committed to only supplying CQuestBio backed carpet tiles due to the high carbon emissions targets imposed in Europe already.

With 20% of New Zealand’s carbon emissions attributed to the built environment there is a huge opportunity here to improve Aotearoa's carbon position for the future of our world. By supporting those that are investing in the resources and technology to achieve carbon neutrality through mitigation in the first instance and offsetting the remaining costs in the interim, that figure can be reduced significantly.

New Zealand Green Building Council has just started a 12-month consultation process to introduce Carbon related points for Greenstar and a calculator to track and encourage the industry's movement forward in this space. It is the way of the future for the built environment.

Aerial Flying Colours Custom Colours collection offers:

  • 15-year full performance warranty, including castor chairs

  • Life-time anti-microbial

  • Closed-loop recyclability at end-of-life

  • Full customisation and design support

Congratulations Jasmax on an exceptional result, thank you for choosing Carbon Neutral Floors by Interface.

Photography - Andy Spain

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