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Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport
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Dunn Road Apartments

Installation: Dunn Road Apartments - Panmure
Specifier: Rethinking.Space
Installer: Auckland Quality Flooring
Product: Sarlibase Acoustic and Allura Flex Collection

All multi-level apartments in NZ need to ensure that the interior products used meet fire code, acoustic codes and in truth “leaky building” codes not that such a term exists – but we all know what that means. Plus the products used inside need to be fit for purpose, beautiful, long lasting and environmentally friendly – especially when you’re going for a 6 star homestar fit out.

Then there is the value equation – especially when of the 46 apartments in the complex, 25 will be sold under kiwi build.

What to do? Simply from a flooring perspective call INZIDE. All INZIDE products meet the Fire code, are Greenstar rated and with our solution mind-set we will always meet the value equation.

Dunn Rd apartments are a great case study. were being told to use acoustic underlay that was not fit for purpose for wet areas. Although this product was being sold as a rubber underlay, it actually had a heap of cork in it. Hence in the bathroom area the underlay needed its own waterproofing protection (to stop the cork “blowing out” when wet) doubling the cost of the flooring in the bathrooms.

Inzide supplies Sarlibase acoustic (from the Forbo stable of products) which is a synthetic underlay with no cork. By itself it is tested acoustically to have a FIIC rating of 56 on a 100mm concrete slab (the standard is a FIIC rating of 50 or greater). It does not need any water-proofing. Simply install the Allura LVT directly on it and you’re good to go. Fire rating sorted. Water proofing sorted. Acoustic rating sorted.

Allura flex is a 4mm thick flexible tile that butts up to carpet and ceramic tiles brilliantly without the need for transition strips. Easy to install, looks great and fantastic value.

Net result, excellent value flooring, beautiful flooring throughout AND 6 star homestar sorted.

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