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Waiparuru Hall - University of Auckland

Installation: Waiparuru Hall – University of Auckland
Specifier: Warren and Mahoney
Installer: Lovich Floors Limited
Product: Aerial Flying Colours Collection

It is true that the wellbeing of its residents and ensuring opportunities to study and socialize are at the heart of any student accommodation. But at Waiparuru Hall (accommodating 786 students) the design went further, focusing on the notion of LIVE, LEARN, EAT influenced by pedagogy, workplace, customer experience and hospitality design.

At Waiparuru, each tower floor hosts a central living space which becomes the hub for a community of its own. The common spaces have been designed to adopt each floor's own personality, expressed through their occupation of the floor. At the same time, individual student rooms offer the opportunity for students to seek full seclusion.

The flooring is a big part of the student experience within this space. The change in colour and raw energy that comes from Aerial Flying colours sets this collection from Interface apart. Adding movement across the floorplate that energizes or calms, depending on the space.

Simply brilliant – in all facets.

Aerial Flying Colours is a versatile collection of 5 styles that figuratively puts the paintbrush the designers hands, as ably demonstrated by W&M’s use of this collection throughout Waiparuru.

Key to working with Inzide was the ability to ensure whatever the flooring solution needed to be, the team at Warren & Mahoney had complete confidence in knowing the solution would be fit for purpose. 

Performance -YES (15 Year product warranty)

Noise reduction- YES (Excellent sound absorption – both at NRC and IIC testing)

NO Germs - YES (Life-time anti-microbial built into the carpet tile backing)

Students happy - YES – They love how their space is both alive (flooring) and meets their needs.

Innovation - YES – Random pattern, dye-batch mergeable carpet tile ensuring ease of maintenance and the ability to replace tiles as and when required with no-one being able to see it was “patched”.

Sustainability - YES - Closed-loop recyclable with ReEntry in Australia and Carbon Neutral for the Lifetime of the flooring.

Thank you Warren & Mahoney for taking this collection and giving it freedom of expression in this fantastic student hub.

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