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AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building meeting area
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building
AUT Sir Paul Reeves Building

Rototuna Junior High

Installation: Rototuna College - Hamilton
Specifier: Jasmax
Installer: Van Dyks
Product: Cubic & Cubic Colours Collection

Hamilton’s newest school opened its doors to students on the first day of the 2016 school year. With the project being completed in stages, the school has already seen an impressive 600 enrolments; especially extraordinary, given most schools establish themselves at a much smaller student count.

Rototuna High School brings together two new schools on one campus, offering an enormous scope to maximise learning environment potentials. The development has effectively taken the opportunity to create crosslinks between the Senior and Junior schools, by placing a shared entry portico, large sheltered north-facing landscaped courtyard and elevated library, at the heart of the campus. This arrangement encourages all age groups to come together regularly, while still allowing for aspects of autonomy and development relevant to the pupils’ ages, skill sets and personal growth.

Rototuna Junior High School will operate their lessons in open-plan innovative learning spaces, where three teaching staff will deliver integrated curriculums to groups within the year.

Both the Senior and Junior blocks have their own atria, intended to act as a buffer for the quieter learning and social spaces beyond. Each atrium has a café and terraced seating areas, which provide a lobby for the performance and sporting spaces, and continue the main circulation routes. The campus’ outdoor areas will extend learning opportunities in a range of curriculums. The design concept for the flooring was is to use colour to demarcate areas, ensure appearance retention through the use of bold colour and pattern and ensure that a level of energy is in the space but not striking that it overpowers the learning environment.

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