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Cleanroom & ESD

Forbo Sphera SD is a homogeneous vinyl sheet floor covering with static dissipative properties. To ensure consistent, reliable performance, dissipative chips have been added. The clean sabbia embossing structure provides an easy to clean, mat surface for this permanent dissipative flooring which complies with international ESD standards.

​Available in rolls, 2m wide x 25-27m long.

Forbo Colorex SD is a static dissipative homogeneous floor covering in tile format with permanent ESD properties. Because of the dense network of dissipative veins, static charges flow easily through the floor to earth. Colorex SD tiles can withstand the most demanding conditions and offer a perfect solution for highly sensitive areas such as cleanrooms, and for demanding production sites in the electronics, life sciences and manufacturing industry. 

​ Available in tiles, 615 x 615 mm.

Forbo Marmoleum Ohmex is a natural linoleum floor covering that meets higher requirements for electrical conductivity. It's electrical resistance is improved to < 1-108Ω (in accordance with EN1081). This ensures personal safety and protects equipment that is sensitive to static electricity, like computers and other electronic devices. 

​Available in rolls, 2m wide x 25-27m long.

Sphera SD

Colourex SD

Marmoleum Ohmex

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