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CDHB – Burwood Hospital

Installation: CDHB – Burwood Hospital, Women’s Hospital and Acute Services

Product: Many & various – all with life-time anti-microbial built into the tile

Architect: Klein, Jasmax, Shephard & Rout

Installer: Flooring Centre & Commercial Flooring specialists.

When you’re chosen to look after all the carpet tile going into the CDHB chch rebuild you know that you are seriously in the game of provided fit for purpose, great value and excellent looking flooring.

The procurement process was strict, the research prior to specification even stricter and the delivery to set timelines had to be on the button.

The purpose of this gallery feature is all about INZIDE demonstrating that we can meet the strictest criteria, can do scale and have a service delivery record in NZ that is exceptional. You need flooring sorted? Talk to INZIDE. We’ve got your back.

The flooring is done, it looks great and most importantly it will keep on performing for the full 15 years that it is warranted to.

All Interface carpet tile comes with intersept®, an anti-microbial built into the latex layer of the carpet tile. Guaranteed to kill 99.9% of all germs that come into contact with it. Now that is peace of mind for a health conscious facility.

This collections offer:

  • 20 year full performance education warranty

  • World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns

  • Colour, texture,  and biophilic design

Yes a world leading flooring solution for a world leading education facility. Simply brilliant.

Project Gallery

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