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Forte Health - Christchurch

Installation: Forte Health - Christchurch
Specifier: Klein Healthcare
Installer: Flooring Warehouse
Product: Raw Loft & Urban Retreat UR101 & UR103

WOW – what a fabulous building and a fabulous business model. They even have a concierge waiting to meet you at the door. A sparkling new building within the original redzone, a bringing together of many healthcare professionals and look at that chandelier. WOW.

It was a huge project and came together very quickly to ensure that the people of Christchurch had access to world class specialist services. Carpet was the last thing on Klein’s mind during this project but in their true professional manner it was given due attention andInterface carpet tile supplied by INZIDE Commercial in NZ was chosen due to;

World class tufting technology that incorporates an anti-microbial both within the adhesive and tufted layer of the carpet tile.

Both Raw Loft & Urban Retreat Collections offer:

  • 15 year true performance warranties

  • Patented random designed carpet tile making facility management so easy.

  • It always looks great and Interface always has an answer for every discerning specifier.

  • The carpet tiles used here consist of 100% recycled yarn from old thrown away fishing nets, 50% recycled backing and most importantly are 100% recyclable from new Zealand, as accredited by the Ministry for the Environment.

So WOW design, WOW facility and WOW carpet.

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