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Local Doctors

Installation: Local Doctors – 3 Te Kahu Way, Sylvia Park

Specifier: STACK Interiors

Contractor: Impact Interiors

Product/s: Eternal Vinyl Sheet

In the realm of healthcare, the importance of creating a comfortable and welcoming environment cannot be overstated. Patients and staff alike benefit from a well-designed space that not only fosters a sense of calm but also ensures hygiene and safety. STACK Interiors embraced this concept by choosing Forbo's Eternal Vinyl Sheet flooring for Local Doctors, located in Syliva Park.

Forbo's Eternal, a high-quality vinyl flooring, played a pivotal role in the fit-out. The design team strategically utilised it throughout the clinic, beginning with the reception and front desk area. A neutral grey shade was chosen to complement Local Doctors' branding, which prominently features the colour blue. Blue accents were already integrated into the space, evident on doors, curtains, and walls. The choice of Eternal Vinyl allowed for a balance, with the matte finish offering a natural and authentic look. But this flooring choice was not just about aesthetics; it was about practicality.

For a healthcare setting, practicality and functionality are paramount. Forbo's Eternal Vinyl excels in this regard. The PUR Pearl finish ensures a scuff and scratch-resistant surface and offers the best protection against wear and tear. This quality is crucial in a busy doctor's office where foot traffic can be substantial. Moreover, the flooring solution provided by Forbo is designed to be hygienic and easily cleaned. Additionally, it boasts the lowest possible residual indentation, a critical attribute for maintaining a seamless, safe environment for patients and staff.

Beyond the reception area, Forbo Vinyl was also extended to the waiting area and the corridor leading to patient rooms. This continuity in design and functionality created a seamless and comforting environment, ensuring that patients felt at ease throughout their visit.

For some of the patient rooms, Forbo Eternal Vinyl Sheet was used in a contrasting snow colour. The design choices ensured that the flooring was not just a practical choice but also a key element in creating a neutral yet welcoming atmosphere.

The Local Doctors' Clinic in Sylvia Park exemplifies how thoughtfully chosen flooring can transform a healthcare space. Forbo Vinyl Sheet has created an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe, hygienic, and welcoming for both patients and staff. By considering every detail, Stack Interiors has produced a facility for Local Doctors that embodies their commitment to quality care and patient satisfaction.

In the world of healthcare, the right flooring can make all the difference. STACK Interiors choice of Forbo's Eternal Vinyl serves as a shining example of how a focus on flooring can enhance the overall experience for everyone who steps through the doors of a medical facility.

Forbo’s Eternal Collection offers:

- 15-Year Standard Warranty

- Phthalate-Free

- Low in emissions

- GreenTag Green Rate Level A

- Best Practice PVC certified.

- Produced using 100% renewable energy.

Congrats to Stack Interiors on an Incredible Result.

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