Waikato Hospital

Installation: Waikato Hospital

Product: Marmoleum – marbled collection

‘When the Waikato DHB was looking for a flooring solution, they had very exacting standards to meet.

  • Durability

  • Naturally anti-microbial for the life-time of the product

  • Easy clean

  • Soft underfoot and makes a statement

Pretty simple brief really. Marmoleum, supplied by INZIDE in NZ was a very easy solution to this flooring problem. And not only did it go on the floor, but the floor became the furniture as well. Now all the surfaces were easy clean and durable.

Marmoleum the only natural resilient floor that can be coved has a 150 yr pedigree. You will find it in the Kremlin and in the White house. It is a truly global product with over 20,000,000m2 being installed each year. It looks great, lasts forever (we warrant it for 15 years as a standard – but look at the Akld airport departures lounge – 100,000,000 feet and 22 years later it is still going strong).

Brief nailed. Go Marmoleum!!!

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