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Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club

4 Points by Sheraton - Auckland

Installation: 4 Points Sheraton - Auckland

Specifier: Statement ID

Installer: Niche Flooring

Product: Luxury Collection LC01 – Custom Colour

Stylish, upmarket and sophisticated the 4 Points, Sheraton was going through a complete refurbishment which officially opened in June 2018.

Statement ID needed to make a WOW statement for this project and the Luxury Collection from Interface provided just that for the flooring, lush, stylish, beautiful, 44oz modular broadloom.

It was always going to be a unique fit out, the building previously was fitted out as an office and has a deep blue tint on all the windows which altered the colour of the space significantly.

Statment ID were after a dark grey because of the blue light that floods the suites it needed to be a true grey not a blue grey. Custom colour was the best option to achieve the lush look and feel with the perfect grey. WOW!!!  Look at what they created. Colour co-ordinated, edgy, luxurious and fit for purpose. This floor will keep on looking wonderful for its full 15 year warranty period. Being modular, should a spill happen, remove the tile, replace with cupboard stock and the room is operational again, no loss in occupancy, no loss in revenue.

And always fit for purpose.

  • Performance -YES (15 year guarantee)

  • Noise - YES (excellent sound absorption)

  • NO Germs - YES (life-time anti-microbial built into the carpet tile backing

  • Customer Happy - YES

Great result team, we loved working with you.

A world leading flooring solution for a world leading hotel. Simply brilliant!

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