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Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club

Havana Coffee Works - Wellington

Installation: Havana Coffee Works

Specifier: Havana Coffee

Installer: Havana Coffee

Product: Monochrome 1/9th Tiles

Havana Coffee are used to doing things a little differently. You even have to go through an interview process with Geoff the MD to even be allowed to sell the Havana blend. Passion, attitude and Cuba are key elements of the brand and lacking one ensures that you will be disappointed is getting access.

Geoff is a hell of a nice guy. And if given the opportunity, do say yes to a few shots of his special Cuban Rum. WOW!! It is smooth and settles so comfortably as it travels down.

Geoff had a simple problem – he wanted to show off the coffee machines that he recommends are used for making Havana coffee, he wanted to demonstrate his custom painting of them and he only had a small area left in the building that could be used.

So what do you think. He cut the tiles down to a 1/9th to add scale. He chose bright colours to liven up the space. And he simply just says – pick any colour that you see and we’ll paint it for you.

And with all things Geoff, be careful when walking in their after a few rums. The carpet tiles have been installed so that the mirrors are disguised. Before you know it you’ve walked into it.

Pure magic.

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