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Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club

Holiday Inn Express & Suites - Queenstown

Installation: Holiday Inn Express & Suites - Queenstown

Specifier: IHG

Installer: Flooring Xtra Queenstown

Product: Net Effects Custom on superior Cushion backing (cushionBacRe)

The IHG has exacting standards and will only use the best flooring providers. They need their rooms, corridors and shared areas to always look good, perform and should an incident happen in a room (dropped iron, spilt red wine, knocked over Coffee), they need that room sorted and sorted fast so that it is generating revenue that day.

Carpet tile from Interface is the global specification for a number of reasons;

  • Always Looks great – YES & has a 15 year warranty to prove it

  • Easy Clean & Maintenance – YES, Solution Dyed Nylon and easy to replace tiles as required

  • Low Noise - YES (excellent sound absorption)

  • Plush pile & cushioned – multiple pile options and underlay adhered to the tile at manufacture is very easy

  • NO Germs and No fleas or other bugs  - YES (life-time anti-microbial built into the carpet tile backing) and being nylon (vs wool) bugs just don’t want to live in it as they cannot eat it.

Now through 100% customization of colour and the Net Works story and you can see why IHG chose Net Effects from Interface as their flooring of choice.

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