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Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club

Huddle Cafe

Installation: Huddle Cafe

Specifier: Material Creative

Contractor: Scott Dixon & Auckland Quality Flooring

Product: Forbo Marmoleum

Huddle Café, situated on the site of the former Tamaki campus of The University of Auckland, is filling a much-needed gap in St John and Stonefield’s café scene. With its contemporary feel and clever design elements, Huddle café caters to nearby workers, teams, and passers-by, providing a welcoming space for everyone.

Designed by Material Creative, renowned for this delightful and surprising design, Huddle Café draws inspiration from the concept of a 'team huddle'. From the moment you step into the café, the bright contemporary atmosphere envelops you. The space incorporates design details that allude to the cafe's name and its sports-related ethos.

To create a visually striking sports-themed café, Material Creative chose Forbo’s Marmoleum for the café’s flooring. Marmoleum, a high-performance resilient flooring and surface material, offered the ideal solution with its incredible design options and ultimate sustainability credentials.

Marmoleum Marbled was skilfully utilised to create field markings throughout Huddle Café. These markings not only reinforce the sports-inspired theme but also add a sense of dynamism to the overall design. The blue Marmoleum marbled perfectly aligns with the blue seats and some of the exterior of the cafe, creating a cohesive visual experience.

The flooring design incorporates three blue stripes on the floor, which align precisely with the three LED lines on the ceiling. This alignment creates a seamless connection between the floor and the ceiling, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Moreover, these lines extend around the entire café, including the counter area, providing a sense of dimension and continuity.

Forbo’s Marmoleum collection, made from 97% natural ingredients, is a testament to the cafés commitment to sustainability. Marmoleum is carbon neutral from cradle to gate, making it the ideal choice for this unique project.

Congratulations to Material Creative on this incredible result, and thank you for choosing Forbo Flooring Systems by Inzide to bring Huddle Cafés vision to life.

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