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Sydney Koru Club
Sydney Koru Club

Novotel - New Plymouth

Installation: Novotel New Plymouth
Architect: Boon Goldsmith Bhasker Brebner Team Architecture
Product: Hospitality – 100% Customs
Installer: Rapleys Flooring

Sleek, stylish and fit for purpose, the new Novotel Hobson Hotel in New Plymouth is “a welcome addition to the city and will support the more discerning business traveller,” says architect Murali Bhaskar of Boon Goldsmith Bhaskar Brebner Team Architects.

The contemporary style of the hotel balances the aesthetic with budget, aiming for “something that is timeless, clean-lined and simple with not too many material palettes around the building. The glass façade will be a prominent feature and will either reflect or be transparent depending on the time of day and level of sunshine,” Bhaskar says. “The hotel will have an attractive interior and be warm and welcoming. It also has to tick a few brand standard boxes for Novotel.”

The Attractive interior is for Inzide and Interface something of an under-statement. Murali put us to the test with our Custom Colourisation offer where we very strongly said YES Interface can meet any need for flooring in the lodging/hospitality market with our new hospitality ranges.

  • 10mm pile to take on Axminster – but at half the cost as it uses 100% recycled fishing nets in the yarn.

  • True cushion backing to meet the underfoot comfort requirement

  • Colour like we have never had before with 136 coloured yarns to choose from

  • And patterns galore. Over 5,000 combinations of colour and pattern at the designers fingertips.

  • The ability to re-carpet a suite that has been flooded or change out a tile soiled by a red wine spill and have the suite back in operation within minutes

  • 15 year full performance warranty (including castor chairs)

  • World leading dye-batch mergeable (less than 1% wastage on installation) patterns

  • Colour, texture,  and biophilic design (easy replacement if required for future works)

So instead of designing a carpet to take throughout the space – with modular Interface you can create a customised design for each area of the hotel. Bar/atrium different to conference/bar different to corridors different to back office different to the suites.

Flood Damage - Replacement 2018

Product: Glazing custom from the Global Change Collection

With changing times and floods, comes opportunity to renew, revitalize and ….. change the space ….. change the flooring.

Boon Architects designed the original Novotel New Plymouth. Then the restaurant area flooded and with that flood came the opportunity to improve on the past now that the client base was better understood. Cosy, casual, customised and resilient to the odd food drop and wine spill was the brief.

INZIDE was called in as the pre-eminent flooring consultant who can make just about any flooring concept a reality – INTERFACE and FORBO are in their stable and these two global powerhouses can do anything when it comes to meeting a flooring brief.

WOW!!! – brief nailed….. let the good times roll.

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