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voco Auckland City Centre

Installation: voco Auckland City Centre / Auckland Holiday Inn Express

Specifier: SJB / Ignite

Product: Luxury Collectionn - LCO8, Near&Far Collection - NF401 & Net Effect Collection - B601 

All customised colours

Designed by SJB Architects and delivered by Ignite Architects, the building now standing in all it’s splendour at 58 Albert Street is the first dual-branded hotel in New Zealand. Home to the Auckland Holiday Inn Express and voco™ Auckland City Centre, both showcase custom carpet tiles from the New Zealand Hospitality Palettes by Interface.

While both hotels are aimed at different tiers of the hospitality market in Auckland, they have both utilised Biophilic design in their interiors with considered textures, patterns and colour choices to provide a welcoming and relaxing environment with a touch of the globally recognised brand’s aesthetics.

The New Zealand Hospitality palettes is a new offering created by the Interface design team to capture the essence of New Zealand and help bring that feeling through to the interiors that international guests experience.

The voco made use of two products from the New Zealand Hospitality Palettes, Fear & Far, NF401 from the River Palette was used throughout the suites and Luxury Collection, LC08 1mx1m tiles from the Mountain Palette were used in the event, lounge and meeting spaces.

Both of these plush carpet tile options were expertly customised by the Interface Design Team to bring in the iconic navy colour of the voco brand of hotels, with the brand's yellow being brought in through pieces of art and soft furnishings in each space.

For the Holiday Inn Express, Interface’s Net Effect Collection from the Sea Palette was selected. This collection is inspired by the movement of the world’s oceans including the Pacific and was the original carpet tile collection to feature the use of re-claimed fishing nets as the nylon yarn source. This 50x50cm carpet tile brings texture and organic patterning into the suites with custom-coloured multi-tonal yarns selected to make it a truly unique floor finish which reflects the waters of the beautiful Waitematā Harbour in a fitting nod to the natural surroundings of the hotel.

The results, two exceptional additions to the Auckland CBD, all wrapped into one shining 38 floor building in the Auckland cityscape.

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