Entrance Matting

There is a way to keep your floor clean, and presentable year in year out.

All you need is a well thought through entrance matting solution. Entrance matting reduces the risk of slipping and safeguards your flooring investment from scratching and soiling.


Flocked Flooring

Flotex sheet is easy and quick to install, extremely durable and waterproof making it the perfect solution for large commercial or public areas. Ideal for where dirt and grit come indoors and where boots are common place. 


Carpet Tile

All Interface carpet tiles are commercially rated and have built in anti-microbial and stain resistance, they are easily cleaned and do not fade. Interface carpet tiles hold a 15 Year standard product warranty and are 100% recyclable from New Zealand and hold GreenTag Level A certification.


Heterogeneous Vinyl

Heterogeneous vinyl is a multi-layer vinyl with a printed middle layer, providing endless design possibilities. With the strengthening top and bottom layers providing lasting performance and low maintenance cost.


Homogeneous Vinyl

The Sphera Collection by Forbo offers striking designs and has a SMART Top surface finish, ensuring a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains. With a class leading, Group T abrasion resistance rating you can be assured this look will last.


Safety Vinyl

The Step Safety Vinyl Collection by Forbo provides a complete range of products designed to meet safety demands across a wide range of applications. From general areas to more extreme areas such as commercial kitchens, wet room and industrial applications.

Delivery of Boxes

Industry Collection

Good Industrial design is about having products that withstand the toughest environments and knowing where and when to use them.

Inzide's Flooring Solutions for Industry Collection provides a complete flooring solution for any industrial project. You can trust that both Forbo and Interface products will perform to the highest standards, with 15 year standard product warranties.

Our team of flooring consultants are able to take you through the product options, considering different technical details that might otherwise be overlooked, so for the best outcome talk to us.