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Arvida Head Office






Arvida Head Office

Prescott Flooring Ltd

Stack Interiors Limited

Composure II Collection

Mark Scowen

Arvida, a prominent organisation located in Auckland's CBD, recently embarked on an ambitious project aiming to transform their workplace into a hybrid environment, encouraging their staff to return to the office post-COVID-19. To accomplish this vision, Stack Interiors used Interface's Composure II Collection, creating a remarkable office space that seamlessly blends practicality, design, and sustainability.

The Composure II collection by Interface draws inspiration from the natural formations of rocks, instilling a sense of tranquillity and organic flexibility into Arvida's office space. These captivating visuals not only reflect the beauty of nature but also foster creativity and a stronger connection with the environment.

One of the key factors that made Composure II the ideal choice for Arvida's high-traffic office is its durability and ease of maintenance. Its robustness ensures long-term performance, while its low maintenance requirements free up staff's time for more essential tasks. Arvida's office layout has been strategically designed to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing, featuring meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and quiet rooms. Integrated technology further facilitates seamless communication and teamwork, ultimately enhancing productivity and connection among employees.

Arvida's primary goal was to create an office space that not only showcased their identity but also fostered a sense of belonging among their team. The warm colour palette and sustainable finishes complement the flexible workspace, effectively highlighting Arvida's offerings and unique office culture.

The combination of Interface's Composure II collection in dark grey and teracotta tones has been used ingeniously to create dimension within the room and establish zoning. These flooring colours harmonise beautifully with the earthy browns and greens present throughout the office, resulting in an exceptionally welcoming environment for all staff and visitors. The clever use of Interface's Composure II collection in terracotta, particularly in the corner of their office, has transformed that area into a room-like space, perfectly complementing the orange rust wall colour. Moreover, the application of the Composure II collection as an "arch" shape on the floor in the main hallway, coupled with a feature wall and statement light piece, has brought this part of the office to life. In close-up images, you can witness how seamlessly these two Composure colours complement each other and add a touch of elegance to the office space, especially when combined with the wall accent colours.

Interface's Composure II Collection Features:

- A 15-year full-performance warranty provides peace of mind.

- Lifetime anti-microbial properties ensure a hygienic environment.

- Closed-loop recyclability at end-of-life.

- Carbon Neutral for the full product lifecycle

Arvida's office transformation exemplifies the possibilities of creating a collaborative and sustainable workspace. The collection's practicality, nature-inspired design, and commitment to sustainability contribute to an inviting and productive environment. Arvida's success serves as a testament to the power of innovative flooring solutions in transforming office spaces into thriving hubs of creativity, connection, and productivity.

Congratulations Stack Interiors on an exceptional result and thank you for choosing Carbon Neutral Floors by Interface.

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