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Simpson Western Lawyers reception
Simpson Western Lawyers meeting room
Simpson Western Lawyers common area
Simpson Western Lawyers kitchen
Simpson Western Lawyers hallway







CTEK Hamilton

IGNITE Architects


Human Connections Collection on CushionBac

Client objectives:

  • Create a space to impress and demonstrate success on the back of the recent company merger with Production Logistics.

  • Facilitate transition from 2 separate buildings to one head office location

  • Facilitate collaboration through provision of multiple informal meeting spaces in an agile working environment while controlling ambient noise.

  • Exude our expertise of automation and integration.

Such a simple brief – Yeah Right. Ignite spoke to INZIDE (suppliers of Interface carpet tile and Forbo Resilient floors) very quickly as they thought through how the new space could look and work. They wanted the space to impress and Interface as the design leader in modular flooring always has the new and inspiring designs with great function.

Human Connections as a range (paving, paving with moss, moss on paving) was seen as being both impressive, working strongly with the interior colour palette and very importantly being fit for purpose. The tiles appearance retention is brilliant, it is so easy to keep clean (lots of engineers working here) and it has full 15 year performance warranties inclusive of castor chairs.



BEST Workplace Design Award Finalist - 2017

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